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Friday, 19 Jan 2018

Lost City, Teyuna

Aerial view Lost City. Aerial view Lost City.

Lost City Archeological Park, also known as Teyuna is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta which is the highest mountain in Colombia about 5775 meters high, has an approximate area of 17,000 km 2 distributed between the departments of Magdalena, Guajira and Cesar and she is the highest tropical mountain in the world and found only 42 kilometers from the sea. Also "Sierra" as it is called locally heat the floors have all since from its lower registers about 30 ° C which is warm dry until its snowy peaks which can reach temperatures of 0 ° C or less this happens in Bolivar and Colon Peaks which are the highest.

The Lost City was discovered by treasure hunters, though their finding was confirmed a year later in 1976 by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology in Bogota and its discovery so late is due to the difficulty in reaching this wonderful place since ascending Mamey from the estimated time for walking is 3 days, and although the road is long, it is also a wonderful experience because it must pass through a magical forest full of exotic wildlife, it is recommended to have a good camera, but better not to go with children. In this place were found from gold jewelry and pottery vessels to European swords and halberds, which is not clear is whether they are war trophies of indigenous or Spanish if they ever managed to get to the Lost City. Unfortunately many of the wonderful creations in gold and ceramics were lost forever as treasure hunters is selling internationally and although at present there is a regional Gold Museum located in the Customs House will never know how much of that culture was lost for ever.

end this journey you will find the mysterious lost city, home of the wonderful culture of Tayrona, comprising more than 250 stone terraces, which were key to avoiding erosion of the mountain due to the large drainage system that provided since in the Sierra Nevada during heavy rains. This city was built around 700 AD and was home to between 1,500 and 3,000 inhabitants, making it the largest Indian settlement of about 250 that existed throughout the Sierra Nevada.

Tirado said Gabriel Muñoz, Head of Sierra Nevada Park, Lost City "is a biodiverse landscape, terraces do not exist elsewhere in the world, a living culture, such as indigenous peoples, who are there, beautiful rivers born in that sector and exotic flora and fauna Teyuna charms. " Today fortunately the Lost City is open and available for everyone, with the protection of both the government and the Colombian Army insecurity and the looting and is a wonderful destination, the Lost City tours can be both walking with a duration of 6 days 2 hours by helicopter.