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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Taganga Village

Panoramica de Taganga Panoramica de Taganga Juan Felipe Vives Calle


Taganga is a firshermen village located just 5 minutes from Santa Marta, has mountains, clear waters and a history that makes it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Colombia. Its name comes from two possible destinations: "mountain of snakes" derived from Indian words or "Site where the sea is found" which will have to do with the etymology of Indian words.

It is characterized by beautiful landscapes and viewpoints, and has a tradition of fishing, since very early in the morning, around 4:30 in the a.m you can watch most of the people involved in this activity either in their canoes or using the cast net or seine.

Also, Taganga is considered to be one of the major dive sites in Colombia for its famous coral reefs and magnificent marine life. There are plenty of dive centers, most governed under the international PADI standard, so we recommend that visitors move from the Taganga Bay to all nearby beaches such as Playa Grande, Playa el Pescador and Playaca, among others.

Fishing aside, the other most important source of income for this town is tourism as Taganga has excellent hotels and hostels, which are scattered throughout the bay and for all tastes and budgets.

As for eating, we can say that the restaurants inTaganga are incredible, with an impressive variety thanks to the many influences it receives from all the people that come to the village and fall in love with it, people who come on vacations and never return, people who find the magic of having it all.

Taganga's nightlife is one of the best in Santa Marta, a refreshing breeze, its landscapes and the arrival of foreigners has led this district to become one of the favorite night spots not only for tourists but for locals too.



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